EDG Partners is a private equity firm that provides capital, expertise, and relationships to help small and middle market healthcare companies achieve their potential. With considerable investment and operating experience, we partner with management teams to navigate the critical inflection points that accompany growth. A singular focus on healthcare enables EDG to help companies succeed in a dynamic industry. EDG Partners delivers exceptional value by helping to build exceptional companies.

Our approach at EDG Partners begins with understanding a company’s potential, continues by identifying ways to provide strategic support, and culminates in a partnership that enables the company to rapidly grow. EDG’s strategic approach:

  • Successful partnerships require aligned interests and a shared vision for the company.
  • Identify and partner with quality senior management to build a strong, constructive working relationship.
  • Having founded and operated public and private healthcare businesses, we leverage our experiences to help companies conquer challenges and grow.
  • With a solid foundation of investment and operating experience, EDG offers a well-defined view of the industry. This view informs how growth companies can impact the improved delivery of healthcare while driving industry wide cost efficiencies, transparency, and improved integration.