For Entrepreneurs

At EDG Partners, we greatly value our relationships, developed over the years, with healthcare industry executives. We are serious about the word "partner" and know that the most successful partnerships require aligned interests and a shared vision for the future. See for yourself what our partners have to say about their experience working with us.

"I look for a partner who has an operations-focused understanding of the healthcare sector and has strategic relationships that can help grow my company. In both my current and previous companies, EDG provided this kind of strategic support. They have deep industry contacts and a proven record in supporting and understanding the challenges management faces as we grow our companies."

- John Heller, CEO, HealthPRO™ Rehabilitation

"Having worked with EDG principals in a number of portfolio companies, their success revolves around their ability to attract strong management and add strategic value."

- John Morris, former CEO, Regency Healthcare Group, LLC

"I have had the opportunity to work with EDG, in some form or fashion, since early 2004. Over the years, as we have worked through a myriad of items, I have found them to be savvy, clearheaded, ethical, and diligent businessmen. Their ability to address, digest, and opine on issues in a thoughtful and speedy manner facilitates progress, and their desire to “do the right thing” has made for an outstanding working relationship."

- James Messina, former CEO, CareSite Pharmacy