Investment Criteria

EDG Partners works with healthcare companies from all segments of the industry. We look for companies with an established customer base, positive cash flow, and a scalable business model.  We avoid companies facing somewhat binary risk situations, whether through clinical trial results, the FDA approval process, or reimbursement decisions.  Typically, our investments are $5-$25 million in equity, but we have the ability and experience to provide significantly more capital. We target companies that are $10-$300 million in revenue and/or up to $15 million in earnings. Our investments usually follow one of these patterns:

An opportunity for significant growth

  • Organic growth that comes through market and/or product expansion
  • Growth through acquisitions that help achieve broader scale and scope
  • Earnings growth by way of enhanced synergies, efficiencies, and processes

A company in transition that benefits from our operating experience and leadership network

  • Corporate divestitures (for-profit and not-for-profit)
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Turn-a-rounds of underperforming operations

A company that, with support, can better penetrate a market or become a leader in a fragmented industry segment